Action Jackson

Year: 1988
Duration: 1h 36min
IMDb: 5.2
Country: USA
Jericho "Action" Jackson is a Detroit police sergeant who was demoted from lieutenant for almost tearing the arm off of sexually violent sociopath Sean Dellaplane, whose father is Peter Dellaplane, a major car manufacturer. But Dellaplane himself is violent as well. Dellaplane kills his wife Patrice by shooting her. And then he plants her body in Jackson&#39s apartment, framing Jackson. Dellaplane won&#39t miss Patrice very much, because he has a drug-addicted mistress named Sydney Ash. He keeps Sydney hooked with a free supply of heroin. Jackson suspects Dellaplane of masterminding a murder spree against local officials from the auto workers&#39 union. Dellaplane&#39s mission is to gain a political power base and choose the next president of the United States. Because of what happened to Dellaplane&#39s son Sean, Dellaplane has taken a particular dislike to Jackson. Jackson gets Sydney&#39s help in going after Dellaplane.